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Warnings and Note
1. Warnings
※ If you don’t abide by the operating instructions, you may die or get serious injury.
- Always use rated power source in case of connecting power source cable, and install and use short circuit interrupter.
- When connecting the power source cable with air pump (blower) power cable, always turn off power.
2. Note
※ If you do not abide by, material damage/loss may be caused.
- Do not impose unreasonable strength and impact on this equipment.
- Do not impose any impact on the LCD display.
- Do not expose this equipment to a direct ray of light.
- Do not use at the place where temperature and humidity are high.
Description and Installation Method
1. Specifications
Rated power source Single phase 220V 69Hz
Max. load current (fuse capacity) 3A 10A
Total number of terminals 7 11
Number of terminals used 2 for power source, 2 for tanks, 2 for return, 1 for earthing 2 for power source, 4 for tanks, 2 for spare, 2 for return, 1 for earthing
Required use amount Water-purification tank Medium/large water-purification tank
Dimensions (WxLxH) 193X119X43 (unit: mm)
How to Use
1. Description of buttons
Selection Display change and setting mode conversion of the display
Decrease/Increase Change of numeric values to enter
Movement Change of position upon entering numeric values
Print Upon data printing with a printer
2. Display change order
※ This equipment has locking device.
Therefore, you need to unlock the “Locked” for setting and entering by each display status. The unlocking method is to press the Select button and Decrease button simultaneously for 3 sec; then, it will be converted to unlocked status.

※ When you press the Select button in the unlocked status, the display status will be converted as follows:
3. Change of operation time, date, and time (Enter)
(1) Simultaneously press the Select button and Decrease button for 3 sec to unlock the Locked.
(2) Move to the menu (tank/return/spare/date/time) that you desire to change by pressing the Select button.
(3) By pressing the Move button, move to your desired number.
(4) Adjust to the number you desire to change by pressing the Decrease button.
(5) After the completion of all changes (entering), when you press the Select button in the time menu once more, the mode changes to the operation mode along with Beep Beep sound. From that time on, normal operation is conducted with the set time.

※ While entering numeric value, if 20 second passes by without pressing any button, it will change to operation mode automatically.
※ When changing (entering) operation time, date, and time, the output of all terminals, except for power source terminal is suspended, and the blower’s operation is also halted.
4. Print
(1) After connecting the print terminal on the left with a printer, press the Print button.
(2) By pressing the Move button, select your desired menu from Monthly or Daily menu in the right upper side by pressing Print button.
(3) Print is carried out through the printer.
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